A jewel nestled in Vagamon’s exquisite beauty, Oak Gardens Resort, Vagamon enchants you with its lovely modern-world charm combined with world class luxury services. Built on the entrance of Holy Kurisumala hills, you get the feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world, peacefully standing out towards the horizon. Charming Vagamon hills and surrounded by beautiful tea estates make you feel welcomed; Indeed, a beautiful hub on your way to / from Tekkady or Munnar even to Cochin. A beautiful station to rest and set a journey that only gets better. This luxury resort is a truly lovely vision that’s designed to complement its surroundings rather than overwhelm.

At just three hour’s drive from the airport, you can save up on time and start your day’s activities while making room for a lot more unscheduled plans. You’ll find it to be an enchanting romance that makes your stay picture perfect. Apart from the visual treat, we offer you every comfort to experience this paradise in.

Find all the conveniences you need to conduct meetings and conferences in the most professional manner. We are only glad to make your evening colourful by arranging Camp fire or BBQ for a celebration of togetherness. We spare no effort in ensuring that you feel like you’re in heaven. This is, after all, God’s own country.